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Valli “The Real McCoy” Pinot Gris Orange Wine

“Orange” wine is a category or genre of wine, also sometimes called Amber or on-skins wines. We refer to ours as orange because of its colour. The category is defined by fermenting white grapes on skins, a technique generally used for red wine. The spectrum of how the technique is deployed is varied based on producer or region and a range of varietals can be used. We selected Pinot Gris from our Valli di Como vineyard in Gibbston because of its gorgeous skin colour which leads to a beautiful hue in the wine and the fact that it is also suited to barrel aging and malolactic fermentation. We made the wine with an approach that is like how we make Valli Pinot Noir but with less time on skins port fermentation and more time in older oak. No fining; no filtration. While some believe that the technique of making “orange” wine trumps the sense of place and the varietal, we felt strongly about Valli’s vineyards in Gibbston and their ability to show a strong sense of place in all wines produce from them – with all varietals showing an expression of Gibbston. We’ve seen it year after year with Valli Gibbston Pinot Noir and from its inception with Valli Pinot Gris and now we see our special place in the “Real McCoy.” This is so exciting and reinforces everything we believe about provenance the importance of site."

Awards and reviews

  • 95/100 Points - 5 Stars - Sam Kim - Wine Orbit. Vintage 2016


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