Valli Bendigo Vineyard

Bendigo Vineyard

The Bendigo Pinot Noir is the newest addition to the Valli stable of Single Vineyard Pinot Noirs. A number of years ago, Grant was involved in the largest-ever plantings at Bendigo, across 5 different sites, and quickly identified "Chinaman's Terrace" as his favourite. The higher elevation of this site means slightly cooler temperatures, which is important in these warmer sub regions, and good airflow, helping to prevent rots and mold. When the opportunity to make wine from the Zebra Vineyard on Chinaman's Terrace presented itself, there was only one answer: YES.

The wines from this very warm part of Otago have been described as "big friendly beasts". They are dark, rich, lush wines capturing the rock-reflected heat and ripeness of this special site.

Bendigo grape
  • Location: Chinaman’s Terrace, Bendigo

  • Climate: Semi-Continental
  • Altitude: Sloping from 314m - 374m
  • Clones: Abel, 115, UCD 5, 667, 777
  • Soils: Large top area of Clyde shallow sandy loam soil, with a higher clay content and a small lower section with gravelly Alexandra
  • steep land soil.
  • GDD: Approx. 1150
  • Rainfall: Approx. 450mm per Annum
  • Vine Age: Planted 2005
  • Vine Density: 4545 / Hectare
  • Trellis System: VSP
  • Pruning: Cane