• Kinross

Taste the full range of Valli Wines at Kinross

Our wines can be tasted at Kinross who act as a Cellar Door and Tasting Room for Valli as well as a few other boutique wineries. Valli-specific tastings are available upon request, for which advance notice is always well-received.

  • 2300 Gibbston Highway, Gibbston
  • www.kinross.nz
  • 0800131101
  • Tastings from 10am to 6pm year round (Closed Christmas Day)
  • Bookings recommended, but are not necessary
  • On-site bistro and accommodation

With advance notice, someone from the Valli team can taste with you. If you would like to arrange this, please email sales@valliwine.com. Please make note, the tasting will be held at Kinross Cottages.

Please Note: Due to the New Zealand-wide lockdown issued by our Government in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Valli as well as Kinross are currently closed to the public. You can, however, continue to order wine from either of our websites for contactless delivery worldwide. Please note that shipping times may be slower than usual due to limited cargo availability. Thank you for your understanding and for your continued support. We all very much look forward to welcoming you again once our global community has overcome this pandemic. Please stay safe and kind.

For general enquiries, please contact Hollis: +642108213057 or hollis@valliwine.com