2008 Vintage

The season started with good soil moistures after a relatively wet spring. Warm, stable and sunny weather during flowering resulted in a successful fruit set with moderate to large crops. Above average and well spaced rainfall throughout the summer months led to healthy canopies with a much decreased dependence on irrigation, and in some older vineyards with heavier soils, no irrigation for the whole growing season. Cool night time temperatures and a cold spell leading up to the harvest slowed and compacted the ripening so that harvest proceeded over a 4 week period starting in the last week of March. The harvest period was very dry and the fruit was in excellent condition. Larger berries and heavier bunch weights in some areas, along with the prolonged growing season contributed to bright and focussed wines with more fragrance than concentration. The wines possess fine and elegant tannins and are similar in structure to the 2006 and 2003’s.