2014 Vintage

The growing season had an excellent start with good soil moisture post winter. A cool start to October stalled growth until early November with a dose of rainfall coupled with a really warm spell had it shoot away. November felt like a very early summer. With good temperatures during flowering and fruit set and a very calm spring from a wind perspective the crop set was excellent. Late in December the temperatures cooled down for about 6 weeks until the end of January (one of the coldest on record and with unexpected frosts).The season picked up some heat in the latter part of summer with a warmer and drier than average autumn. With the exception of Gibbston, all of the sub-regions started veraison at the same time which is unusual. Ultimately the subregional ripening spread out and harvest was spread out.The overall fruit quality is good across all sub-regions due to the low late season rainfall.

The wines are showing some great concentration and complexity and should have great ageability.