Hello, Goodbye.

Hello. It's been a little while. We promised a recap after the 2022 wines were set to rest in barrel. They are slumbering sweetly in the winery while the rest of us shake the cobwebs off our suitcases and explore the world again, reuniting with family and friends after a long few years apart. I hope you are managing to do the same in 2022. While the reunions have been wonderful, they haven't allowed for much computer time, hence no vintage recap. YET. This isn't that vintage recap. While we've been busy racking up air miles, our wines have been busy racking up the accolades. So much so that we needed to reach out and let you know that they are available before they run out! Yes, to quote the Beatles, this vintage is a case of "Hello, Goodbye."

With the 2019 Pinot Noir vintage, it was our Gibbston Pinot Noir who stole the show with multiple trophies and Top 10 Wine lists. With the 2020, it seems our Bannockburn Pinot Noir is the overachiever. Mind you, we didn't submit Gibbston to competitions due to having such limited availability... I digress. Back to the Valli Bannockburn Vineyard Pinot Noir 2020: this wine was awarded "Best in Show" at the Decanter World Wine Awards just a short time after receiving a Gold Medal at the IWC in London - to name just a couple of the accolades she's got to her name. Top nods in two of the wine world's largest competitions is very rare. I must say Jen and Grant are really getting good at this winemaking gig.

Our Bannockburn Pinot Noir isn't the only one catching the critics' attention, however. The Valli Bendigo Pinot Noir isn't far behind with a Gold Medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards and a whopping 98 points from Master Sommelier Cameron Douglas. Here is what he had to say:

"Complex and pure, more than just varietal a bouquet - layers of texture scents with sense of place and time then fruit aromas of crushed cherry flesh and preserved roses, raspberry and a soft savoury thyme quality. Seamless on the palate with a youthful core structure from fine needle point tannins and acid line, plush velvet mouthfeel with contrasting plum, cherry and even a touch of blueberry fruit. Oak flavours and tannins are layered throughout the wine teasing the senses, salivating and adding just a touch of sweetness then light smoky baking spices. Fantastic wine with best drinking from 2023 through 2030+."

98 Points, Outstanding

I don't want to bore you, or worse yet, come off as braggadocios by listing all of the accolades the wines have received. Not to mention the sleep-deprived brain and tired hands of a mother to two young children probably couldn't type them all out. If you're interested, click here for the full list.

Needless to say, all of this attention has made us busy bees getting wine out the door, and we are already nearing the end of this vintage. I really don't like to tell people no, so if you'd like some, please place your order now. In Grant's words, these are "concentrated and age-worthy" wines, so it certainly can't hurt to ensure your cellar is well-stocked. Those of you in the loyalty club will have already received your wines, but should you like to place a top up order, don't forget to use your personal discount code to receive 10% off your order. If you're not a member of our wine club, you might want to join. Head on over to the Loyalty Club page for more information.